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Subspace Balloon Fetish Ball: What To Expect


So what can you expect at this month’s Subspace Balloon Fetish Ball? Sheelagh shares the details:

"I’m both nervous and excited! Here’s just a teaser of what people can expect to experience at this event.

-fashion (it’s the part I’m most passionate about).

-toys such as anal beads, ball gags, and nipple rings made from the mouths of the balloons (they make a great substitute to nipple clamps and they come in every colour).

-loads of inflated 11” round balloons to kick, pop, and stomp upon, or just to snuggle with depending on what your preference is.

-balloon bondage that incorporates rope bondage techniques

-art installations: I’m a fan of Jason Hachenwerth and Glass artist Dale Chihuly and I like paying homage to their styles.

What I can’t stress enough is fair play. Some of the people that are coming to this event have strong aversions to the popping of balloons and balloons in general. Some of these people may be content to just watch and admire at safe distance. I don’t want anyone to feel pressured to interact beyond their personal comfort zone, but I do desire for everyone to enjoy the magic and beauty of this very special theme.”


Facebook Event Page HERE
Subspace Anniversary is on April 19th (Easter long weekend) and we’re celebrating in true Subspace style with a massive bash at the Opera House!

April 19th is our BIG birthday bash! Join us at the Opera House once more and raise a glass in celebration of seven unbelievable years of Subspace fetish culture in Toronto!

Anniversary Performances…

Aerial artist JD Sparks is an internationally acclaimed circus performer who has worked with multiple nouveau circus troupes including, most recently, Illuminair Entertainment.
Now, created especially to mark the Subspace anniversary, JD Sparks will present a world premier using an aerial apparatus never before seen in Toronto. Culminating in a combination of aerial artistry and fire art you’ll have to witness live to believe.


IwasCured Flesh Hook Suspension Performance! For years the flesh hook suspension team IwasCured has shocked and even made some squeamish. Now, they are up to their tricks again for this special Subspace Anniversary performance. This show will suffocate you with fear, so ya.. ‘afraid of the dark?’

DJ Saucy Miso & DJ Warmuffin

Video Displays: images from the past 7 years!! The memories are incredible.

$20 advance tickets available online and in store
VIP tickets available $45 for private coat check and upper seating areas with food and beverages.

BorderLine Plus:
425 Queen W #217, Toronto, ON M5V 2A5

At Subspace Dungeon Studio Events

ONLINE: (On Sale Now)
on TicketFly

7 Saturday April 19 2014
Doors 9:30
Fetish Dress Code!
19+ Event
$20 before midnight $25 after midnight.
Dungeon Rules posted in Dungeon or ask to speak with the ChiefDM


Want to be a Vendor??
For Information please contact:



In anticipation of this month’s Kinky & Geeky Balloon Ball, we thought we’d share this video by VICE on balloon porn star Grim Looner.

"Looner porn is a subset of pornography involving balloons and the people who love them. VICE caught up with Grim Looner, a masked, 25-year-old looner porn star from Melbourne, Australia, to help burst any misconceptions we had about one of the most innocuous online fetishes."

Subspace Kinky & Geeky Balloon Ball

Facebook Event Page HERE
Yes it’s all about Balloons!!!! We’re proud to have our very own “Sheelagh and Matthew” on the balloon squad and maybe doing something fancy on stage! :) So many people have an uncanny fear of balloons, and so many have a full-on balloon FETISH! The decorations around the club will have more balloons than you can handle. It’s the season all the colour comes back and with a kinky style only SUBSPACE can deliver!

Kinky & Geeky, cosplay & balloon costumes encouraged!

WIN Tickets to Subspace Anniversary Opera House! We will be giving them out in a special way at the party :)

DJ Saucy Miso
DJ Warmuffin

Saturday March 22 2014
The Great Hall
1087 Queen Street West Toronto, ON M6J 1H3
$10 at door / Doors 10:00 pm

Doors 10:00
Fetish Dress Code
$10 before midnight $20 after midnight.
Dungeon Rules posted in Dungeon or ask to speak with the ChiefDM
Vendors welcome at this event!
Mandatory Fetish Dress Code


Want to be a Vendor?
For Information please contact:



The Subspace Fetish Ball was certainly a night to remember. We had an awesome turn out and the performers displayed some beautiful, creative bondage. It was also great to be able to display some of Fred Kyral’s work on the projector. A big thank you to Firemate who took all of these great photos.

If you didn’t make it out then you missed up on one hell of a night! The good news is you can make it out to our Subspace Kinky & Geeky Ballon Ball March 22nd and our 7 Year Anniversary Fetish Ball April 19th.

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SUBSPACE Bondage Ball

Facebook Event Page HERE
We’re also producing the Subspace Bondage Ball in Edmonton this February but a different date so I can fly back for the events! It’s going to be a great time! We will have a multitude of bondage displays and play locations for both floor-work and suspension stations. Bondage displays and demo’s most of the evening! This event will have lots of cool prizes and giveaways from local vendors showing off their best bondage restraints! A good time all around!

If anyone would like to learn from our experienced rope bondage riggers we’ll have information on-hand for the next series of classes held at the Subspace Dungeon Studio in Liberty Village.

We will also be displaying the rope-bondage-fashion-art of Fred Kyral “ShibariK”!!

February 22 2014 at The Great Hall
1087 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6J 1H3
Doors 10:00
Fetish Dress Code
$10 before midnight $20 after midnight.
Dungeon Rules posted in Dungeon or ask to speack with the ChiefDM

DJ Saucy Miso & DJ Jason Warmuffin

Subspace Facebook Group
FetLife Group

IMAGE: Artifice Clothing
Model: MOSH

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